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3 ways lead generation works for busy contractors

By Clare Kaufman

Lead generation is only for contractors looking to expand their businesses, right? Not necessarily. It is also a steady source of highly-matched and motivated consumers. Any home services professional can benefit from having the right client and the right job delivered to their doorstep (or inbox) right when they need it.

Just-in-time lead generation

Qualified leads can yield results better than some contractors realize. This online matching service does not just generate a registry of interested home services consumers. It relies on a matching algorithm to determine which potential clients fit your particular requirements. QuinStreet delivers the right leads at the right time, working with contractors to refine lead quality and adjust the flow of sources. This customized approach allows businesses to tap into the available stream of leads, as needed.

Benefits for busy businesses

Busy contractors can count on a well-managed leads program to optimize their work flow and marketing spend. QuinStreet's model offers these important benefits for busy contractors:

  1. Finding quality in quantity. Busy contractors don't have time to vet the flow of interested homeowners for the right job. QuinStreet's three-step validation process helps contractors identify the business they want--the high-paying, high-return job that favors your expertise and is in your target region. Optimizing lead quality is simply part of the process. QuinStreet works directly with contractors to analyze performance and adjust specifications to reflect your changing needs.
  2. New business just in time. Even the busiest contractor can benefit from a steady stream of work, without a day of downtime between jobs. QuinStreet offers a reliable and consistent source of new business. We are always creating leads; contractors plug into this steady stream when needed. Other sources of leads such as word-of-mouth referral ebb and flow, creating feast or famine cycles for contractors. For a steady work stream, sow the seeds for tomorrow's opportunity even as you reap today's bounty.
  3. Pay for what you need Performance-based pricing means that you only pay for the leads you need. Busy contractors don't lose any money on leads they can't pursue. You can put the service on hold at any time, resuming leads only when your schedule and your budget permit. And, since you only pay for valid leads, you can count on a high ROI from lead generation.

Busy businesses are especially in need of a marketing solution that optimizes the quality and pace of work. Online lead generation delivers the business you value most when you need it--at a cost that respects your ROI.

Clare Kaufman lives and writes in her 82-year-old Craftsman home. A Berkeley, CA native, she draws inspiration from Julia Morgan and the Arts and Crafts movement. With the help of a local contractor, she is finishing the attic and adding a staircase. Clare has a graduate degree in English.

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