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5 truths about lead generation

By Shannon Lee

Lead generation can sometimes be tricky to get right. You want to know you are getting the best quality leads for your money. Choosing the best lead generation service matters. But how do you know you are getting the biggest bang for your buck? QuinStreet can help dispel some myths and get you on track for success.

Myth #1: My leads go to dozens of contractors.

For some of our competitors, quantity over quality is the name of the game. But when you work with QuinStreet, leads go to an average of two contractors. Our maximum is four. Why? Fairness to contractors is a primary concern, we want to ensure that each contractor is well-served by the leads purchased. Homeowners do benefit from competing estimates, but most people prefer to evaluate only a few different proposals.

Myth #2: Leads often go to unreliable contractors.

QuinStreet screens contractors within its network to ensure a level playing field for all participating contractors as well as the most professional options for potential customers. That screening process includes these five points:

  1. Confirming contractors are licensed
  2. Obtaining proof of insurance
  3. Running a credit check
  4. Checking Better Business Bureau complaints
  5. Conducting a sex offender screening of the owner

Myth #3: The majority of leads aren't screened.

Unfortunately, some of our competitors don't adequately screen their leads. That's not the story with QuinStreet. Here's how we handle it:

  1. We start with automated validation. This catches things like area code and prefix mismatches, or clever pranksters with names like Donald Duck or Jack B. Nimble.
  2. We access several national databases to confirm certain points, such as whether the name and address match. We also run phone numbers against a database of recently disconnected numbers to minimize the chance for dead calls.
  3. If there are any questions remaining about the validity of a lead, we send it to our call center. There, a human calls the potential customer to make sure the lead is valid before it goes out to the contractors.

Myth #4: Returning bad leads is a hassle.

That's not the case with QuinStreet. Here's how it works:

Your returned leads are sent to a dedicated account manager. That manager initiates an audit process, and invalid leads are credited to your account. But then we go further by analyzing the returned lead in order to improve our Web sources. This analysis helps us determine how certain Web sources should be improved in order to generate leads of higher quality.

Myth #5: I will lose money on lead generation.

Some marketing tactics, like direct mail or yellow page advertisements, can be very difficult to track. But with lead generation, the cost is always clear, and so is the revenue generated from the leads you purchase. QuinStreet sends you only actual leads, so your return on investment can be high.

Time for a change?

QuinStreet offers competitive leads that are always in tune with your shifting business goals. If it is time to move forward into a bright future with a proven company, QuinStreet is ready to turn your investment into success.

Shannon Dauphin is a journalist and occasional novelist with a serious weakness for real estate. Her current home was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her necessary hobbies.

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