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Introducing QuinStreet: performance marketing veteran brings you lead generation and more

By Gina Pogol

What's QuinStreet about?

QuinStreet is a well-known and reputable player in online performance marketing. The company helps thousands of clients find high-quality customers on websites, search engines, mobile and other digital media.

  • Established in 1999
  • Over $400 million revenue reported in year ended June 30, 2011
  • Revenue growth: 20% in Fiscal Year 2011
  • Publicly traded on Nasdaq

QuinStreet has achieved some impressive feats in its home services business:

  • Over 10 million homeowner project opportunities have been delivered to contractor clients to date.
  • In the last six months, QuinStreet doubled its monthly lead volume, helping clients grow despite current economic conditions.
  • Over 2 million unique homeowners every month visit QuinStreet sites, and the company has collected millions of homeowners in its proprietary opt-in network.

Tremendous opportunity for contractors

Olumide Soroye says that professional lead generation has been underutilized by the home improvement industry. "Only about 30% of contractors currently use a lead generation service like QuinStreet. There is a lot of opportunity for the other 70% to increase their business by adding QuinStreet to their customer acquisition mix. Our goal is to offer a compelling source of high-quality leads that contractors trust and value as a reliable source of new customers. Despite the economic conditions in the last nine months, QuinStreet has more than doubled the number of home remodeling opportunities we bring to contractors every single month. We can help you grow."

Traditionally, the industry has waited to realize the promise of better quality customer prospects, better service, and innovation from lead generation companies. QuinStreet brings the very best of the industry and delivers on this promise today.

QuinStreet Quality

The most common criticism of lead generation companies is the quality of their leads – unqualified homeowners sent to too many contractors. QuinStreet is the highest-quality lead provider in the home improvement marketplace. Olumide Soroye talks about some of the deliberate investments and business choices QuinStreet has made to attain this position in the industry

  • Proprietary triple validation of leads (internal experiential databases, call center, 3rd party scrubbing databases)
  • Limit to number of contractors we share leads with while giving homeowners adequate choice (average of 2.0, maximum of 4.0)
  • Relentless revision to our lead mix based on client feedback (quality drivers vary for different clients)
  • Higher percentage of owned websites than any other player in industry enables direct control of quality

"We guarantee the best quality of leads in the industry. We have deep structural advantages that enable us to do that."

QuinStreet Service

Every marketing company says it measures its success by that of its clients. QuinStreet backs that claim up, says Olumide. "Each client gets a dedicated account manager who promotes the client's interest in the QuinStreet system. Together with the client, the QuinStreet account manager evaluates the quality of the leads and compares the conversion rate to the client's goals and expectations, making adjustments to our media as needed. QuinStreet also makes it very easy for clients to return leads that don't work for them."

This level of service is paying off for us and we will continue to get better. "The average life span of a client-provider relationship in this industry is about nine months. For QuinStreet, our top 50 clients have been with us on average about three years which is four times the industry average. QuinStreet offers better service because we treasure long-term partnerships with our clients. Come see for yourself."

QuinStreet Innovation

QuinStreet is about much more than lead generation and has several new offerings scheduled for launch in the coming months. These include upcoming enhancements to the lead quality management processes, directing online traffic to clients' sites, new solutions for search engine marketing, social media reputation management, and several more. Olumide says, "Digital media is an exciting and rapidly-evolving space. We help our clients succeed in this space. We are much more than a plain-vanilla lead generation company. By working with QuinStreet, you get access to the best tools to help you succeed in the digital space."

It's about the orange dot

What does the orange dot in QuinStreet's logo mean? If you guessed that it stands for "dot com" you'd be close. The dot looks like the highly-concentrated pinpoint of light formed by a laser pointer. Explains Olumide, "QuinStreet's orange dot stands for the absolute focus on our single goal, which is the long-term success of our clients. That is the ultimate root of our success."

QuinStreet Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Results:

Gina Pogol spent ten years in residential construction financing, and has been fixing up her personal residences and investment properties for three decades. She successfully completed several DIY renovations with only two emergency room visits, and has hired several contractors without ending up in the hospital at all.

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