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Let Statistics Sell Your Kitchen Remodeling Services

By Jeffrey Anderson

Learn how to get new customers by letting the facts speak for themselves.

Everybody likes purchasing an item that can provide long-term value — whether it's an appliance with a high rating or a company's stock with a good track record. As a kitchen contractor or cabinet supplier, you know that high-quality tools that provide many years of service just about pay for themselves. The same principle often holds true when talking to potential customers about kitchen remodeling: It's a home upgrade where families may be able to recoup much of their initial cost.

Showing customers remodeling can be a good investment

What do you bring to your first meeting with prospective customers? Cabinet door samples, photos of past projects, and positive references are all sales aids that can help you get the job. However, the biggest resource at your disposal for making a sale might be a copy of Remodeling magazine's annual "Cost vs. Value" residential remodeling report. While you may know about the outstanding reputation Remodeling magazine enjoys in the industry, there's a pretty good chance many of your prospective customers have never heard of the publication or its informative website. These are just a few of the items in the 2011-2012 report that can show your clients what a good value kitchen remodeling can be:

  1. In the Mid-Atlantic region, a minor kitchen renovation on a mid-range home can return about 65 percent of the costs to the owner when the home is sold.
  2. A major kitchen remodeling project on a mid-range home in the Pacific region may allow the homeowner to recoup about 76 percent of the renovation costs when the home is sold.
  3. Upscale homes in the Mountain region can expect about 54 percent of the costs for a major kitchen remodeling project to be returned when they're sold.
  4. A major kitchen renovation on a mid-range home in the South Atlantic region might return about 71 percent of the remodeling costs when the home is purchased.

The data is approximate and may vary, but it's based on reliable information provided by real estate and remodeling professionals across the country. Statistics are also available to compare regions to national averages for specific remodeling projects, and there's even information for individual cities and metro areas.

Cabinet doors and photos can help when meeting with customers, but showing what a great value kitchen remodeling can be using the "Cost vs. Value" report might be what makes your sale.

Jeffrey Anderson has a Degree in English from V.M.I. and served as an officer in the Marine Corps. He worked in Residential and Commercial construction management for 25 years before retiring to write full time.

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