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Using lead generation to beat the home remodeling slump

By Clare Kaufman

The economic downturn and the winter season have dealt a one-two punch to the home remodeling market. With soft demand for home improvement projects, contractors are becoming more proactive in their search for customers. ProMatch, powered by performance marketing leader QuinStreet, offers an efficient way to find and connect with homeowners seeking your expertise.

A tough remodeling market

Under the influence of both a slow economy and a slow season, the home remodeling market is in a slump. Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies, which tracks home remodeling demand, recently released a report predicting a slight decline in annual homeowner improvement spending over the next several quarters. The Joint Center's Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) found a decline of 3.5 percent in second-quarter spending. Both LIRA and the National Association of Home Builder's influential Remodeling Market Index predict a sustained slowdown in coming quarters, with the RMI's most recent future market indicator falling 5.6 percent.

Contractors can still find pockets of demand in certain regions and for some types of projects. Kermit Baker, director of the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center, observes that "Homeowners are continuing to undertake smaller jobs, but are still nervous about larger discretionary projects." The NAHB's RMI backs this up: Second-quarter results found the greatest decrease in major additions, while minor additions remained flat. Regionally, the Midwest and South were the most affected by declines, while the West and Northeast saw a modest increase in remodeling demand.

An easy way to connect with customers

ProMatch's lead generation network offers a bustling port in a tough economy. Powered by online performance marketing veteran QuinStreet, ProMatch links tens of thousands of homeowners and contractors each month. QuinStreet has continued to deliver home remodeling opportunities throughout the latest economic downturn, more than doubling the jobs delivered to contractors in the past nine months.

QuinStreet maintains a fleet of more than 200 high-traffic resource websites that inform homeowners and connect them with expert contractors. Together, these online service marketplaces host more than two million unique visitors and handle over 100,000 service requests from homeowners each month. QuinStreet has connected over 10 million homeowners and contractors to date.

Here's how it works

Contractors join the ProMatch network and develop a custom lead generation plan. An account manager works with you to identify plan criteria such as overall budget, geographic area, job type and number of leads. You can adjust the specifications as you go, ramping up leads or reducing the flow as your business requires. QuinStreet leads are high quality, triple-validated--electronically and, in some cases, by call center followup to measure true intent to hire.

Despite tough conditions in the remodeling market, the lead generation market is alive and well. More and more contractors are turning to the Internet as a source of remodeling opportunities in their specialty area and local market, whether it's windows in greater St. Louis or HVAC in Phoenix. Beat the residential construction slump by tapping into QuinStreet's vibrant online marketplace for home remodeling opportunities.

Clare Kaufman

Dr. Clare Kaufman is a freelance writer who covers business and education topics.

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