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Where do ProMatch leads come from?

By Shannon Lee

It's a fact: The more people you can reach, the better your opportunities to grow your business. But leads that don't pan out can often leave you frustrated. ProMatch leads are different: we connect you with homeowners who are proactive and ready to move forward with a home improvement project.

Where do ProMatch leads come from?

The process starts with the wide variety of sites we offer to interested homeowners. In addition to offering the chance to connect with a contractor, our sites also offer in-depth articles and information that can help homeowners research options before they move forward and fill out lead forms. The more knowledgeable the homeowner is, the more likely he or she is ready to hire a contractor.

We currently have over 200 websites catering to home improvement; from those that cover every type of project, like or; to niche sites that focus on specific service areas, such as, or Each site has a convenient form and simple, no-hassle process for homeowners who want to connect with contractors.

In addition to the sites that we own and operate, we also partner with trustworthy, third party publishers to reach homeowners. We send branded emails to those who have shown an immediate interest in finding a contractor. With all of these ways to get in touch, homeowners are much more likely to jump on a project.

What kind of homeowners are we talking about?

As the housing market continues to slump, homeowners are staying put and sinking their cash into improvements. The recent Hanley Wood "Housing 360" report found that 42 percent of homeowners see right now as a great time to start a remodeling project. For homeowners with a household income over $100,000 per year, that number jumps to 56 percent. We've also found that 60 percent of homeowners aged 50 or older plan to stay in their homes through retirement -- and that can necessitate remodeling their current spaces for accessibility in the coming years.

Many of the homeowners visiting our websites are actively researching their options, including different brands, materials and manufacturers. They are becoming savvy about prices, contracts and their expectations of how long a job should take. These are homeowners who take the time to educate themselves in depth. By the time they fill out a lead generation form on our network of sites, they are committed to making a decision soon.

ProMatch's leads are valuable because they are that much closer to becoming your customers as compared to the homeowners you might reach through direct mail or a static ad in the yellow pages. If kind of leads you need are the ones who are ready to hire a contractor, ProMatch has them.

Shannon Dauphin is a journalist and occasional novelist with a serious weakness for real estate. Her current home was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her necessary hobbies.

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